Do you provide funded accounts?

No, we provide education and the ability to trade against other students using virtual accounts we provide.

Where's the competition hosted and how will I receive access?

It's hosted on Marketwatch virtual exchange. As soon as you purchase we will invite you via email to join our competition room within 24 hours, instruction will be on the first lesson of the course,

How Do I get paid if I Win?

Once the results and winners are announced every two weeks on our website and chat room, we will send an email to the winner using the email they used to sign up to request PayPal details or wire transfer details.

Why's this better than a funded account?

It's simple, we don't care if you win unlike a funded provider, hence why there's no challenges. We're putting up the cash prize upfront and may the best trader claim it. You're not trading against us, you're trading against other traders.

If I won Every competition will I still get paid?


Why Should I trust that I Will get paid when I win?

Reputation is everything in this industry. Zed monopoly has his name on the line.

What Does This Course Teach?

This course teaches you one simple trading strategy when trading stocks and one simple trading strategy when trading futures while also teaching you about the trading industry

When will I receive my chat room access?

You Will receive it within 24 hours of purchasing the course via email that you used when enrolling, please check your spam. Otherwise please email [email protected]